Social Services and Health Care

Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) offers expert training courses, accessibility services, professional continuing studies and Master’s Degree programmes in the field of social services and health care, as well as simulation services in the modern dynamic learning environment Simula, located in Joensuu, Finland. Take a closer look at our services:

Expert Training Courses and Development Programmes

Community Nursing, Independent Living at Home, Customer-centred health care for nurses...
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Accessibility Solutions in Built Environment

Development, testing, research, educational and planning services related to accessibility and independent living.
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Professional Continuing Studies

Professional continuing studies in the fields of Nursing, Management and Leadership, Social Welfare and Physiotherapy.
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Master’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree programmes for companies, organizations and higher educational institutions: Active Ageing and the Development and Management of Health Care and Social Services.
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Simulation Services

Simulation services in the modern dynamic learning environment called Simula.
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