Coronavirus information


The students and staff of Karelia University of Applied Sciences will return to the campuses in August. Contact teaching and examinations that require supervision will be organised on the campuses. The prerequisite for a safe return to campuses is commitment to safety regulations and responsible cooperation. This means that campus premises shall only be entered in full health and everyone needs to remember good hand and coughing hygiene and appropriate safety distances (

Because of the coronavirus situation, teaching and studying in the Degree Programme in International Business and Industrial Management will be arranged online for new students. Online studying will start on September 2nd and will continue until the end of December 2020. Students continuing their studies begin their studies at the campuses according to the schedules announced previously. The aim is to return to as normal activities as possible.

The aim at Karelia UAS is to effectively protect the students, employees and partners of Karelia UAS and, thus, create a safe study and work environment for all. To achieve this, each member of the community needs to commit to the common guidelines defined for our university of applied sciences.

Adequate safety distances will be applied in contact teaching and the number of students on campuses at a time will be limited. In order to ensure enough space for all, some study units may be implemented as distance learning and there may also be alternation between contact teaching and distance learning within individual study units. Teaching takes place between 8am and 6pm and students may be divided into smaller groups in studies that require special facilities. Each field of education and teachers of individual courses will provide their students with more detailed information on the implementation of teaching.

Practical training periods in the field of social services and health care will start on 1st August 2020. Each practical training placement will provide their own instructions for the trainee. The student starting his/her practical training period must be in full health. If a student’s family member has symptoms of a coronavirus infection, a COVID-19 test needs to be taken from the family member. The student can begin his/her training period if s/he is healthy and has no symptoms. If the family member’s test result turns out to be positive, the student must immediately interrupt his/her practical training period. More detailed instructions for practical training periods in the field of social services and health care have been given to educational institutions by Siun sote.

The development of the coronavirus situation is monitored at Karelia UAS on a daily basis. The management meets for a situation analysis regularly and is prepared to take necessary action in order to ensure the safety of UAS activities in all circumstances. The safety instructions are updated whenever necessary.

Do not enter campus premises if you are sick or have symptoms

Persons who are sick or have any symptoms of a coronavirus infection are not allowed to enter Karelia UAS premises. If any symptoms develop, each member of the community is obligated to immediately get tested for the coronavirus. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or suspects exposure can fill out an assessment of their health status at The coronavirus website of Siun Sote has local instructions for North Karelia region.

Hand and coughing hygiene

Each member of the community shall maintain good hand hygiene. Careful and frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is important. Everyone shall immediately wash and sanitize their hands when entering campus premises, when moving from a space or classroom to another, and otherwise as necessary. Hand washing facilities are available in campus toilets and hand sanitizers are located in hallways, student restaurants and other common areas. A disposable tissue shall be used to cover the mouth and the nose when coughing or sneezing, and the tissue shall be disposed immediately. If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not into your hands.

More information is available on the website of THL.

Maintaining sufficient safety distances in all activities

Sufficient safety distances shall be maintained on the campuses. The recommendation for an adequate safety distance is one to two metres. Sufficient safety distances shall be maintained particularly in the hallways and lobby areas and while waiting in line.

Safety distances shall be observed in recreational facilities, lounges and other shared areas and it is recommended that we avoid hanging around in these facilities if it is not necessary. Hand sanitizer shall be used when entering and leaving these areas.

Sufficient safety distances between students shall be maintained in classrooms and in examination facilities. Students shall not attend lectures or exams sick or with any symptoms.

Recommendations for the use of protective masks

Karelia University of Applied Sciences recommends the use of face masks in work and study situations when it is not possible to maintain safe social distances. Such situations include, for example,

  • contact teaching that is impossible to implement with sufficient safety distances
  • laboratory exercises
  • meetings that cannot be held online or with sufficient safety distances
  • guidance and counseling that is impossible to implement with sufficient safety distances or without a plexiglass
  • students’ practical training periods in places that have given their own recommendation on the use of face masks
  • study-related trips (e.g. joint transport to field exercises)
  • employees’ work trips by public transport or carpools when it is impossible to maintain sufficient safety distances

Students conducting their practical training periods shall follow the regulations and recommendations of their practical training placements regarding the use of protective masks.

Karelia UAS provides students and employees with face masks and, if needed, protective gloves for the situations listed above. It is also possible to use one’s own mask.

Protective equipment is available at the information desks on campuses (8am-3pm). Karelia UAS uses surgical mouth and nose masks (type II). There are 50 face masks in one package. The teacher shall pick up the package, distribute the masks to the students, and instruct the students in using them.

Face masks provided by Karelia UAS may only be used for work and study purposes, not in private use.

Masks needed in travelling from home to work/school and vice versa and masks needed in lunch areas shall be obtained by students and employees themselves. In ordinary classroom teaching, face masks do not need to be worn as long as sufficient safety distances can be maintained.

Authorities’ recommendations on the use of protective equipment are actively monitored at Karelia UAS and these instructions are updated whenever necessary.

How to use face masks:

  • Wash your hands first and then put on the mask.
  • Do not touch the mask while using it.
  • Remove your mask with clean hands by grasping the ear loops. Dispose the mask immediately after taking it off. Wash your hands afterwards.

Recommendation on the use of face masks for citizens (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

Services on the campuses

The library, Student Services Office, Exam room and HelpDesk operate normally on the campuses and online. Sufficient safety distances and good hand hygiene shall be maintained when visiting the library and the Student Services Office.

The services of the Student Welfare Officer are available on Wärtsilä campus or online. You can book an appointment using the electronic appointment calendar (see Pakki). Student health nurses’ appointments are available on Tikkarinne campus. Safety instructions must be considered when visiting the facilities of student health care. Occupational health care for the staff is organised by Siun työterveys.

Student restaurants Solina and Wire

When entering a student restaurant, wash your hands with water and soap and dry them with a disposable hand towel. Then, disinfect your hands. There are several hand sanitizers available in the restaurant. Act with consideration towards others and keep a sufficient safety distance to others. Do not go to occupied tables without permission. Avoid unnecessary moving around in the restaurant premises. At lunchtime, the restaurant is only available for lunch customers. The cabinets of Solina restaurant are only available for eating purposes during the autumn semester, i.e. the cabinets cannot be reserved for meetings. The cabinet doors shall be kept open. Solina restaurant also has an outdoor terrace available for use. You can also buy take-away lunches from the restaurants.

High-risk groups

Students belonging to high-risk groups shall inform their teacher tutor or student counsellor as well as the teachers of specific courses of their absence. A certificate from health care providers needs to be presented, if so required. The aim is to ensure fluent cooperation between teachers and students for organising the studies in such a way that there is no risk of exposure.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

Cleaning has been enhanced at Karelia UAS. However, even efficient cleaning alone is not enough for keeping all surfaces clean in the everyday life of a school community. Therefore, it is recommended to disinfect the surfaces after each use (such as public computers on campuses). There are disinfection wipes available for this purpose in Karelia UAS facilities. Every user is responsible for wiping the surfaces before and after each use.


There will be no international student mobility at Karelia UAS in the autumn term. In addition, employees’ work trips abroad have been cancelled. Instead of work-related travelling in Finland, remote participation is preferred, if possible. If they are necessary, a permission needs to be applied from the supervisor, taking general safety instructions into account.

All students and employees are encouraged to observe the risks related to private travelling abroad. Such trips may afterwards require a two-week quarantine period imposed by the authorities, during which it is prohibited to enter campus premises.

Read: Q&A about the effects of COVID-19 on border traffic (Border Guard)

Events on campuses

External events will not be held on Karelia UAS campuses during the autumn term. Remote participation in meetings is also recommended. In exceptional cases (e.g. in case of a small number of participants), meetings organised by Karelia UAS may also be held on campuses, taking safety instructions into account. It is essential that the organiser ensures in advance that adequate safety measures, e.g. safety distances and other protective measures, are possible.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any related observations and safety deviations can also be reported using the safety observation links located in the corridors (QR code).

More information

Emergency services: tel. 116 117 (24h)

Health care centres: Siilainen tel. (013) 330 2211, Rantakylä tel. (013) 330 2212, Niinivaara tel. (013) 330 2213

  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs:
  • WHO:
  • Ministry for Social Affairs and Health:
  • Siun Sote:
  • Joensuu

National hotline 0295 535 535 provides general information on the coronavirus on weekdays at 8 am-9 pm and on Saturdays at 9 am - 3 pm. No individual health counselling or counselling for acute symptoms is provided by the hotline.

(Updated on 7th August 2020, based on instructions by Laurea University of Applied Sciences)